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Speech Therapy in School Settings

Speech Therapy in School Settings

The importance of speech therapy in school settings cannot be underestimated. At Gr8 Speech, we provide innovative and affordable solutions to educators, schools, and students.

Avivit, the clinical director of Gr8 Speech was able to recognize and address the concerns our teachers have in the classroom and suggest practical strategies our teachers can easily implement in their classrooms. Avivit has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which makes her a tremendous asset.
Dr. Wendy H. Weiner, Founder and Principal Conservatory Prep Schools, Davie, Florida

How Gr8 Speech can help your school:

  • We can cover maternity leaves where normally you would need to hire a full time person
  • Our service may be valuable to parents and students who need additional therapy or support than they currently receive​
  • G​r8 Speech therapists can also conduct teacher workshops and parent training to help identify students who struggle

What is TeleSpeech?

  • TeleSpeech is a way to provide speech and language therapy services in an innovative way
  • Services are provided through the use of safe, HIPPA compliant, web-conferencing technology in real time
  • Reduces stress for clients and families and allows for consistent delivery of services

Gr8 Speech is innovative, easy and extremely effective!

The students who benefit most from our Gr8 services are:

  • Students who have difficulty articulating and/or pronouncing their sounds (/s/, /l/, /r/, /m/,/n/ /g/ /sh/ etc.,)
  • Students who have difficulty following directions
  • Students who have difficulty learning new vocabulary words and concepts
  • Students who struggle with reading comprehension
  • Students who have difficulty socializing with peers
  • Students who stutter, or are fast talkers
  • ​Students who have hearing loss
  • Students who have difficulty with their executive functioning skills
  • Students who need support in their transition to college and beyond
  • ​Students who struggle language due to bilingual or second language learning

About the Gr8 Speech Team:

  • All therapists are American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA) Certified
  • Average 10 years of experience: therapist is assigned to client for the duration of therapy
  • Licensed in 24 states
  • Multi- lingual (Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Urdu, Sign Language )

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We are licensed in 24 states and available in various time zones to help with your school’s speech therapy needs. No caseload is too small for us! We can cover maternity leave for a short or long period of time. We are here to service your students with their speech requirements.

Gr8 Speech currently oversees cases in schools abroad, in countries as close as Jamaica and as far as China.

Gr8 Speech collaborates with virtual schools around the country, working directly with both Parents and Administrators to bring speech services to remote students.

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